According to the Dieese data, about 40% of the Brazilian workers ranging from 15 to 24 years old are not skilled for the work market inclusion. To invest in the professional formation programs is a possibility to change this situation.

In this social context the insurance segment has an important role in the Brazilian economy, with a yearly 14% growth. However there is a lack of skilled professionals in this segment. To meet this demand the Techmail Institute provides all its expertise to form and empower the young for the insurance market.




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Teaching institution working with the
Company-laboratory concept;

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Managing reports analyzing each
young professional performance;
Photoxpress 5003320 Practical classes for young who share experience
and knowledge using them to change lives;
clients Coaching program for Apprentice Managers;
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The young career management and the creation of
performance indicators;
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knowledge at any time;
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Extracurricular courses for the managers formation
and updating to stimulate the professional growth.