oque moreThe (10.097/2000) Apprentice Law consists of a program that concerns the formation and inclusion of the young in the work market. It’s a legal tool that obliges companies to contract young people. It aims to develop professional apprenticeship programs compatible to the student’s physical, moral and psychological development.
The ages range from 14 – 24 years old, the person must be taking the course or have already finished the basic course to be in compliance. This is a step in the educational process, established by the Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente (ECA, item 62) (Child and Adolescent Rules) focusing the learning on the professional formation and empowerment. These are the basic premises to be contracted by a regular company or a certifying entity that will be responsible for the formation program.
Techmail Institute is an entitled and certifying entity, our main focus is to contribute to the formation of independent and active young in the economy. Further, our aim is to form multiplying agents and enable citizens to make productive decisions as well as act in a positive way in the social environment. Thus, Techmail Institute acts as a link between the State and society by contributing to the development of the young. Our Institute does its best to push the society to a common goal: Propel the development of young men and women while considering individual differences and specific conditions.